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About Bar Roger Black (Danilo Black, Inc., USA)
Stephen Coles (Typographica, USA)
Jan Middendorp (Publizist, Berlin)
Veronika Elsner (Elsner + Flake, Berlin)
Bertram Schmidt-Friderichs (TDC, Mainz)
Ralf Herrmann (TypoForum, Weimar)
Ralf Herrmann works in Weimar as a graphic designer and typographer. He runs the popular German-language typography portal www.typografie.info, and is the author of several books on typography. (Index Schrift, 2003, Zeichen setzen, 2005).

A humanist slab-serif that – unlike other seriffed typefaces – works equally brilliantly both as a display font and in body text.

The soft forms of FF Strada make a welcome change from the more clinical sans-serif typefaces that are currently predominant.

Prokyon’s dynamic shapes convey originality without compromising readability.

An elegant and typically Dutch Roman typeface that is equal to an enormous range of tasks thanks to the varying ascender and descender lengths of its fonts.

More than almost any other font, Syntax embodies the essence of a humanist sans-serif, and still looks fresh and contemporary after almost 50 years.

A universal but flavorful Roman typeface for use in books, magazines and newspapers.

An often-overlooked classic with Humanist influences and an original charm.

A sans-serif typeface with a handwritten feel and expressive italics. Fedra Sans and Fedra Serif together make a perfect team.

A laid-back font with an organic appearance and a wealth of typographical treats, such as context-sensitive ligatures and flourished characters.

A likable hand-drawn typeface with a playful, independent character.
Claudia Guminski (FontShop, Marketing, Berlin)
Flash01 Jury